Da Vinci Orchestra Basel, the new, high-level international chamber/symphony orchestra, sprang into existence early in 2012. After years of meeting the same excellent musicians, whether as members of chamber music groups, the major Swiss and European symphony orchestras, or at various international solo competitions, the well-known Basel based violinist, Giovanni Barbato, suggested they come together to form a new chamber and symphony orchestra.

The city of Basel has long been home to the cream of the crop of European classical musicians, and the impetus to try and get them together and form a group was simply too powerful to resist.

Since 2000, Mr. Barbato has been the concertmaster and personnel manager of several orchestras ; using the experience gained working with large groups, he felt especially well placed to found a new, smaller, more flexible group.

The idea, however, was not to create yet another chamber orchestra, but to bring into being something more dynamic where all these excellent musicians could spur each other on to a higher level.

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