Friends of the Da Vinci Orchestra Basel

We are an independent Swiss ensemble of top level young professional musicians, chosen from Switzerland and across Europe, with a distinctive musical flavour. We give 30 to 40 concerts each year – not only in major concert halls, but also in much smaller venues as part of our commitment to widen public access to top quality classical music. By performing in places which orchestras rarely visit, we enable many people to experience live orchestral music for the very first time. Since our formation in 2012, we have performed in several countries.

Why we need your support

Whereas our concerts in large venues are self-financing, small halls are rarely capable of raising sufficient funds to meet our performance costs, such as transport, hotels and the fees of soloists and orchestra members. It’s only with financial support from the Friends of Da Vinci Orchestra Basel, and from people like you, that we can keep our commitment to play in small venues, giving their audiences opportunities to hear fine music and famous soloists close to home. Friends and supporters can also help us to record more music. We also need their support to create opportunities for prize-winning young musicians to play with Da Vinci Orchestra Basel; and to commission new music from the current generation of young swiss composers.

Exclusive benefits for Friends

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The information you provide will be used for Da Vinci Orchestra Basel Trust purposes only and will not be shared with third parties. To remove your details from DOB Friends’ register, please contact the Secretary via the contact page.